Foot & Shoe Deodorant Spray - 150ml

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GEHWOL Foot + Shoe Deodorant for daily foot care. Ideal for sports and on the go. Zinc ricinoleate prevents and removes sweat and odour on the feet and in the shoes. The pleasant scent provides confidence. Antimicrobial active substances protect against fungal infections in hotel rooms, baths, saunas and when trying on shoes. Also spray into the footwear.

Skin type
  • Normal skin
  • Dry skin
Application fields
  • Foot
  • Notes
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Without aluminium
  • Contains no parabens
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Also suitable for diabetics
Fields of application
  • Counteracts foot odour
  • Protects against foot and nail fungus
  • Counteracts foot sweat